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Rossini Champagne Cocktail at TiroVino – Los Angeles

Tweet this!When you think of Champagne, some of us automatically think of Strawberries, right?  So why not try a Rossini Champagne Cocktail.  A Rossini is another version of a Bellini Champagne cocktail.  The sparkling cocktail was named after the 19th century opera composer Giacchino Rossini and it is very popular in Venice. There are a few varieties […]


Arnie Morton’s of Chicago – Los Angeles

Tweet this! Arnie Morton’s of Chicago, Savor the Good Life… with a twist! This elegant place is an urban escape, a city center, a place of business, a meeting of the minds, a release for the soul, and a civilized retreat from the outside world. Low lighting and high expectations. Big drinks and an even larger […]


A.O.C. Restaurant & Wine Bar – Los Angeles

Tweet this! A.O.C. The name stands for Appellation d’Origine Contrôllée, the French system that designates and controls geographic place names for wines and also certain foods, such as cheeses. It’s an apt name for a restaurant that serves up farmhouse cheeses, charcuterie, handcrafted wines by the glass and carafe, and much more. A.O.C. is the […]

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