Frosting the Champagne Flute

With a little practice, it’s quite easy to create a perfect sugar rim every time (of course, you might say that it’s also quite easy – with a little practice – to float nine layers of liquers in a pousse cafe’).  But seriously, all it takes is two small dishes and clean, dry Champagne glasses.  Pour a very small amount of grenadine syrup, Rose’s Lime Juice, or whatever liquer the recipe calls for into one of the dishes.  Place a generous portion of raw sugar (which goes by names like turbinado, demerera, and Sugar in the Raw), bar sugar, or colored decorator sugar (like the stuff you sprinkle on Christmas cookies) into the other dish, and shake the plate side-to-side until the sugar is spread out flat.  Invert a glass, touch the rim to the liqueur, and dip it in the sugar.  Then, carefully add your cocktail. 

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  1. […] An Arise My Love Champagne Cocktail simply combines 1 splash white creme de menthe and 5 oz. Champagne in a flute.  Frost the rim of the flute with green creme de menthe and sugar.  (see Frosting the Champagne Flute ) […]

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