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Sputnik Champagne Cocktail – Romance & Courtship

Since its beginning Champagne has been part of the courting process.  It’s a way to make great impression, showing flair and taste.  It’s no different with sparkling cocktails like the Sputnik, which blends the best of both French and Russian flavors into a perfect match.  No, the name doesn’t imply that its consumption will send you into orbit.  Sputnik (it means loosely, “partner in life”) is a Russian colloquialism that suggests romance and wooing.

Most successful suitors around the world will agree, the way to a woman’s heart is to shower her with flowers, chocolates, and Champagne.  Remember when that international man of mystery Austin Powers set about wooing his partner Vanessa Kensington by taking her for a night on the town, including Champagne dinner atop a double-decker bus followed by a game of Twister in their hotel suite?  That’s romance mod style, baby.  The other British superspy, James Bond, offered more than one female companion a little Champagne to wash down anything from a plate of Makaroff caviar in a Monte Carlo casino to sandwiches procured from the club car on a train bound for Kentucky.

Vanessa:  Austin, come have some Champagne with me.

Austin:  (flopping onto the bed) Oh, I tripped.

–Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery (1997)

Sputnik Champagne Cocktail Recipe – As served at the Bubble Lounge, New York, NY

  • 1 oz Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka
  • 1 oz fresh orange juice
  • 1 splash grenadine syrup
  • 3 oz Champagne

Frost the rim of a flute with sugar in the raw and grenadine syrup.  Add the vodka, juice, and grenadine syrup, then pour in the Champagne.

Did you know? According to urban legend, you are more likely to be killed by a Champagne cork than by a black widow spider.

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