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Absolutely Fabulous Champagne Recipe

Style consciousness never really dies despite the death of yuppiedom, the rise of Gen-X, and the nesting of the thirty-somethings, which all seemed to happen during the 1990’s.  Its just that some old traditions have become seriously fashionable again.  Take Martini-drinking and swing music, for example.  There’s those of us who remember that our parents liked all that stuff – not us cooller-than-cool youth who drifted on Tequila Sunrises and Strawberry Daiquiris back in the disco seventies.  In London, hip and stylish have been more than states of mind since the sixties for rebellious, affluent souls who have defied repressive convention since birth.  Look at the ex-Sloane Ranger types that starred in the Jennifer Saunders / Dawn French BBC hit Absolutely Fabulous.

Neither Patsy the fashion editor nor Edina the PR maven would have touched a bottle of gin with a stuffy name like Pimms No. 1 (let alone a cocktail called an Absolutely Fabulous or a Pimms Royale)  back in the swinging sixties.  I mean, it was all sex and drugs and rock and roll washed down with cheap wine, wasn’t it, darling?

Absolutely Fabulous, As served at Lola’s at Century House, Vancouver, Canada.

1 splash Pimms No. 1 (a flavored dry gin)

5 oz. Champagne

a cucumber slice

Pour the Pimms into a flute and gradually add the Champagne.  Garnish with the cucumber slice.

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