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3 Sexy New Champagne Drinks For The Summer

Three words:  Summer is hot. That’s why you need a  cool drink to help chill you out during the sweltering temps of late August. And what better drink than the most bubbliest chilled one of them all to help you? We’ve asked one of LA’s most charming bartenders, John Harpster (aka “Johnny Shotz”) from the X-Bar Century Plaza Hotel to offer some made-for-Summer-champagne recipes. The results? Tasty and tempting and thrilling all in the form of fluted glassware. Mmm…

1. Royal Grey

Talk about a drink, made for a Summer queen. Mixing elderflower with some juices the color of hot summer blush, this one should come with a personal pool boy to fan me down while I’m at it 😉

1/2 oz of St. Germain;
1/2 oz of fresh Ruby Red grapefruit juice;
Top off with some great-tasting Rose, such as Piper-Hiedsieck‘s Rose Sauvage.

2. The Cupid Cocktail

Who said chocolate covered strawberries can’t be enjoyed in liquid form? Introducing a very smooth rendition of the most orgasmic dessert ever. Umm, can I have about about a dozen of these?

1/2 oz white creme de cacao
1/2 oz Chambord
Top off with some Tete de Cuvee
(*John suggests Cristal, for those extra special occasions)
And serve with chocolate covered strawberries…

3. Smoke & Bubbles

If you can’t fight the heat, make some of your own. After all, some like it hot…

Swirl a drizzle of Laphroig or Lagavulin Scotch in glass
1/2 oz Liquour 43
Top with Champagne
Good if enjoyed with a mild cigar…

Whew, why am I not buzzed yet from just writing about these bubbly wonders? Definitely can’t wait to try them out this Summer!

Now if you think our personal mixologist Johnny Shotz delivered some potent potions for your Summer time drink options, be sure to vote for him as one of LA’s Best Bartender from Table 20:

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  1. admin says:

    It’s hard to decide, but if I had to choose out of three, The Royal Grey sounds amazing! They all do…ok, ok…I will have all three. Thanks for sharing these amazing recipes Mr Johnny Shotz!! I am voting for you!!

  2. Bubbly Betty says:

    Mmmm… still dreaming about these champagne delights! And now look, Piper Hiedsieck shared this story on their Facebook fan page:

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