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Adding a Sparkle to the Day – Dom Perignon Champagne

Tweet this!In 1168, a young, blind Benedictine monk named Dom Pierre Perignon became the cellar master (and chief accountant) at the Abbey d’Hautvillers.  The Champenois abbeys had already earned a reputation for producing not only the best roses, honey-colored wines, and whites, but also a dubious local specialty:  vin blanc mousseux (sparkling white wine) which […]


The night Champagne was invented

Tweet this!Let’s set the record straight – Champagne is only made in France.  Everything else is sparkling wine (which, by the way, can be truly excellent).  So what made France’s Champagne region the Champagne hot spot?  Chalk.  That’s right.  The stubs teachers use to write on black slate.  The stark-white rock that greets you from […]

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