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Drinking Champagne Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Drinking Champagne doesn’t have to be expensive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with some Crémant de Bourgogne, Crémant de Alsace or even some domestic bubblies, and they are all under $20.


Champagne Brunch or Should We Serve Wine? What to Serve at a Brunch Party.

Tweet this!Brunch’s can vary per person’s taste, it could include delicious sticky-sweet pancakes, spicy Mexican chilaquiles, or grilled steak with poached eggs. Whichever direction you favor, brunch is a leisurely meal and the perfect opportunity to pour a glass of Champagne or share a bottle of wine with friends. These pairings cover a number of […]


How to Pour Champagne

Tweet this!If you are only serving a few glasses of Champagne, it is easiest to tilt the glass first, as you would when pouring a beer, so that when you pour it, the glass doesn’t overflow with froth.  But if you are pouring Champagne for a big party, it is best to first pour a […]


How to Chill Champagne

Tweet this!Champagne always tastes best well chilled, but the exact temperature for chilling is a matter of personal taste.  Three to four hours in the refrigerator is fine, or if you are caught unprepared, a 30 minute blast in the freezer will do the trick.  A word of cautionary advice; don’t forget about the bottle […]


What’s Your Favorite French Champagne

There are well over 150 Champagne producers headquartered in this small northern region. Here’s the “short list” of the top Champagne producers accompanied by the correct pronounciation of each house’s name:


Whatever Pops Your Cork – How to open a bottle of Champagne

Tweet this!Everyone’s seen at least one Champagne shower:  the victorious team at an Indy 500 race spraying each other with magnums of bubbly, or the winning team at the World Series showering the locker room.  This is how not to open a bottle of Champagne.  There’s an old saying about opening Champagne:  “The ear’s loss […]


When did Happy Hour First Start?

Tweet this! Legend has it that the “cocktail hour” (which eventually became happy hour) was born during Prohibition.  Manhattan speak-easy owners had a deal with the local police:  places like “21” wouldn’t open their doors until 6 p.m.  But one establishment -Tony’s at 42nd East 53 St. – pushed these delicate boundaries, defying convention and […]


Storing Champagne

Tweet this!Champagne is a delicate and sensitive wine that will spoil if it is poorly stored.  If you are going to keep champagne for more than two months it is best to store it in total darkness, undisturbed, and at a constant temperature.  Nonvintage champagne benefits from six to eight months storage – it tastes […]


Secret to making a Successful Cocktail

Tweet this! The secret to making a successful cocktail at home is to keep them simple.  And with fabulous champagne as the main magic ingredient, they are bound to taste good!  The million-dollar question is, of course, what sort of champagne should you use?  Personally, I think it’s a mistake to use vintage, deluxe champagne […]


Frosting the Champagne Flute

Tweet this! With a little practice, it’s quite easy to create a perfect sugar rim every time (of course, you might say that it’s also quite easy – with a little practice – to float nine layers of liquers in a pousse cafe’).  But seriously, all it takes is two small dishes and clean, dry […]

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