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3 Sexy New Champagne Drinks For The Summer

Tweet this!Three words:  Summer is hot. That’s why you need a  cool drink to help chill you out during the sweltering temps of late August. And what better drink than the most bubbliest chilled one of them all to help you? We’ve asked one of LA’s most charming bartenders, John Harpster (aka “Johnny Shotz”) from […]


What’s Your Favorite French Champagne

There are well over 150 Champagne producers headquartered in this small northern region. Here’s the “short list” of the top Champagne producers accompanied by the correct pronounciation of each house’s name:


Piper-Heidsieck & SparklesForever: Bubbles Meets Sparkles

Tweet this! Champagne is not just for the ball drop – drink the bubbly whenever the mood strikes. Join a private one-night only elegant experience at POP Champagne & Dessert Bar, Pasadena’s newest hot spot and Southern California’s first and only Champagne bar.  POP Champagne and Piper Heidsieck Champagne have collaborated to bring bubble lovers […]


Have a Champagne Dinner Party!

Tweet this!Drinks are the first thing in order on such an extravagant night—and we have the perfect Champagne Cocktail recipes! Try Pear Champagne and Raspberry Champagne Cocktail. Asian cuisine, which comes together quicker than you can say moo goo gai pan, is easy to prepare to enjoy the evening. Re-dish everything. Dump the disposable containers […]


Buck’s Champagne Recipe

Perfect as a toast at a breakfast reception or served as an aperitif. Created by the bartender at Buck’s Club, London, in 1921.


Sparkling Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail

Today’s featured Champagne recipe, was created in honor of Roy’s Hawaiiain Fusion Cuisine Restaurants 20th Anniversary.


A Woman’s Dream Come True: Piper-Heidsieck Champagne & Christian Louboutin

Tweet this!In 19th century Russia, gentleman patrons celebrated a ballerina’s triumphant performance by raising her champagne-filled slipper in a toast. Scandalously, this tradition was adopted at the Folies Bergère in Belle Époque Paris, where the revelry of the dancers and their admirers often transcended just the dancing. Piper-Heidsieck has resurrected this tradition with Le Rituel […]


Adding a Sparkle to the Day – Dom Perignon Champagne

Tweet this!In 1168, a young, blind Benedictine monk named Dom Pierre Perignon became the cellar master (and chief accountant) at the Abbey d’Hautvillers.  The Champenois abbeys had already earned a reputation for producing not only the best roses, honey-colored wines, and whites, but also a dubious local specialty:  vin blanc mousseux (sparkling white wine) which […]


POP Champagne & Dessert Bar – Pasadena

Tweet this! POP Champagne & Dessert Bar is a sexy place for first dates, social gatherings, after-work drinks, or any night out on the town.  The simple, yet elegant decor complements the historical architecture and culture of Old Town Pasadena. Indulge yourself in their extensive selection of Champagnes, sparkling wines, dessert wines and artisanal beers […]


Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Stylish and delicious, with a rich blackcurrant flavor. Vary the liqueur to create another cocktail – use creme de framboise, made from rasberries, or creme de mures, made from blackberries.